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  1. For the past few months I've been experimenting with trying to influence my dreams, with a surprising amount of success. While lying in bed, I simply visualize myself as a pony, map that visualization onto my body, and then do my best to convince myself that my human body is the one that is actually the visualization and the pony body is the real me. It's been extremely successful so far, every night that I am both able to attain this kind of visualization and have a memorable dream, I am always a pony in that dream. This is another thing that I hope to utilize hypnosis for, as I believe it could help make that visualization state much easier to achieve. Why am I posting this here? Well, my ultimate goal with these dreams is to make them lucid so that I can converse with Princess Luna during them. I've picked up a couple reality testing techniques that I still struggle to turn into consistent habits, and I made an attempt at doing a dream journal (again, I couldn't make it a habit), but I could definitely use any advice I can get from somepony who's been more successful with actually achieving a lucid state as to what worked best for them, and what didn't work.