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  1. Good evening Everypony, I just, finally, got to lay down and have my first session with one of the files, well two actually. First I used the "Bedtime Relaxation file" which was quite pleasant, and I think helped going in to the next one, which was "A spark of Magic - Classical." First off, I have to say that the classical music was a definite help for me on this, as it has always helped to relax me, and always brings good feelings with it. I think it also helped with the specific form the scenario took. The first thing I noticed was that I seemed to automatically slip in to my OC/ponysona with this, especially surprising as this is my first time doing this. This even went so far for me as to start in a courtyard in Canterlot University, rather than just a park, further, I went to the library there rather than a public one. Finally, when the young ponys running home from school/classes past me were mentioned, I recognized them as students... my students. At the end, I didn't want to wake up, I was going to bed after all, and had a class to teach tomorrow. But when I did, I could still feel my hands and feet as hooves, and the horn on my head... even a tail. I still feel them as I'm typing this, which is really bizarre and also making it a little hard to type. Just when I started typing this post, I knocked my keys off my desk, and as I picked them up and hung them on a hook, I thought how inconvenient it is to manipulate things this way, and felt bad for Earth Ponys and Pegasus on the matter. Then immediately chided myself for it, because I knew better, while still wondering, and marveling at, how they managed it all the time. I did not expect my first time to be so detailed, or my mind to fill in so many things, even altering some parts of the scenario. I'm looking forward to doing this more.