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Found 4 results

  1. I found this great series on youtube which is just wonderful to watch while meditating or in general. It really gives that walking among ponies vibe. Enjoy.
  2. Dear Journal, First off, why is my journal alive? If it isn't, why do I need to address it as if it can hear me? It's not Tom Riddle's diary or anything like that. Anyway, moving swiftly on... Well, today started off with an excited me going out to visit a university I am considering the prospect of putting down as my first choice to go to when I leave school. I woke up at 4-15AM and left the house extremely early, heading to my local train station. I took a 5h 30min train ride to the city, hyped myself up with a litre of Pepsi Max because I was mildly tired, almost dying a few times on the way from excited and nervous jolts of my heart. The nervousness was because I was also going to be meeting a fellow pony I took about 40mins to walk down to the university, arriving at around 12-30PM and generally feeling lost and rather too nervous to ask anyone where I was meant to be going. This happened for half an hour or so until I worked up the courage to ask and was immediately directed in the right direction. I'm really nervous asking things in case something happens that I get wrong or I ask the wrong question, or something like that. I'm not a particularly confident or brave pony. I took two hours or so doing a mock lecture, listening to a short talk about the university and the course and having a short personal interview in which it was pointed out that my application was almost perfect, which I am quite proud of . I then left the building and waited for a certain someone to show up. Meanwhile, my nervousness was so bad that I had two heart attacks and died a painful death before having the living daylights scared out of me as Rarity talked to me from behind while I wasn't looking. Seriously, that freaked me out massively XD, even though she did notify me of what she was wearing. I wasn't even looking in her direction. I was looking for her in the other direction From then on, we took a walk into the city, talked for hours on end, had a coffee (well, Rarity had two and I had none, but I could say that "we had a coffee") and I bought a can of Monster so that I didn't fall asleep. Just walking around and talking was the best 3 and a half hours of my life, at least competing with the top spot which is currently held by something else, possibly receiving my GCSE results. Something like that. After the 3 and a half hours was over, I was extremely reluctant to leave but my train was a reserved one, so it wasn't exactly optional for me to leave then. We exchanged multiple hugs for the fifth time or so that day, and I missed her all the way home. I'm just glad that I got to meet her in person/pony, as it was so awesome. Love you, Rarity. <3 - Twilight Sparkle PS - Not sure if this is a particularly long or short entry, but make of it what you will. It was the best thing in my life that I've ever done and the best experience I've had. It was nerve-racking as heck, but the awkwardness quickly faded as friendship kicked in and took over. PPS - Again, love you Rarity <3 <3
  3. Hypnosis: As of late I've been having a harder time with hypnosis. Recently during sessions, I have either blanked out, have minimal focus, and/or fallen asleep. I usually get through the induction without even hearing the words half the time whether from lack of focus or focus on something else. I snap out of near the end of the count down and continue to maybe the forelegs where I blank out or fall asleep waking at about the ears or trigger section. By the time it is done I feel as though the session was a waste. However on a side note rear legs and imposition are improving quite nicely I also feel more calm and happy whilst triggered. IRL: For the last couple weeks I had troubles with my ear which was feeling full of fluid and caused alot of pain. Now after a few days of antibiotics, trouble hearing, and sleepless nights is significantly better. Random question of the day: What quality about yourself do you value most? (provided by: http://bit.ly/16nbFjr )
  4. This thanksgiving take a moment to reflect to those ponies and humans you had a chance to connect Those who we met throughout the years oh the joyous hellos or goodbye tears Some are here to be like their pony others make tulpa so they are not lonely or for what ever reason you are here What you or I share will not disappear No mater how far they go they are with you and me because they part of us and who we will be so I implore, do not cry at the loss if they part remember those times of friendship from the start Of memories and laughs we share of this there is nothing to compare The room in each of our hearts we fill with shared music and arts Making new friends is important but don't forget the old Cherish all for for some are silver others are gold Let me say this and so much more these joys and community, I am thankful for