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Found 12 results

  1. Thank you for waiting, dears. So, hello again! I'm Kate (although you may call me Rarity), and I have undergone a sort of renaissance, if you will. (And I do hope you will, or this entry is for nothing.) After a series of simply marvellous events (spoiler alert: they weren't that marvellous), I made the decision to switch from Twilight to Rarity. And I'm glad I did, in truth. It's been quite the adventure, and I'm now fully on my way to becoming a pony. Or, at least, I was. Which brings me into my first rule. Every journal entry, I plan to bring you something I've learned - or, as they call it in the trade, a 'rule of Rarity'. You're welcome. And today's rule, as you will have seen, is 'be prepared for anything'. Last night, I was in the zone, as they say. I was ready for a good session. And then my legs started twitching, my mind went into overdrive, and it was a last cause. So I decided to stop trying to get to sleep, and do some designing. Get in the mood, you know? And that's when I realised. I remember CHS. (To clarify, because nopony seems to know what I'm referring to, Canterlot High School.) Perhaps this shouldn't have come as a surprise, but it certainly taught me that not everything comes as expected. And the structure of this entry is rather frustrating, so I'm going to leave it there so I don't keep talking in one-line blocks. Until next time, dears! - Rarity
  2. I need an opinion. Who should I become pinkie pie or rarity? I've been rarity for quite a while now and I'm considering switching. Stay rarity or go pink? Anybody that has pinkie pie experience, what's it like?
  3. Well, some of you have wondered why I included "quickly" in my title, the reason is my brain has an exceptional prosessing speed. Now that may sound made up, false, and a little broad, basically what happens is, a normal brain takes information and breaks it down into ways the mind can under stand, at a normal speed. My brain does that, but at a speed of 10 fold. At the age of 6 I was diagnosed with ADHD, I wasn't hyperactive, my brain was. At the age of 14 i was re-diagnosed with an unknown rare case without a name. Now, what that keys into hypnosis, is that my brain can understand and quickly prossess and get used to the changes. But anyway, you probably didn't read this to hear of a rare, mutated case of ADHD, you want to hear of me becoming rarity. I've been doing this for a week and my mind voice has changed. Personality changes and I've also reached the visivble ear and tail state. Sometimes muzzle. That's pretty much it. If u have any questions about my weird brain, ask below. I know a little, and I'm willing to inform the curious. Thank you!8
  4. I started doing the rarity V2 file. i have been having rather weird side effects during this week, Rather than the rarity we'll call it "Partition" (i'm an IT guy) taking over, it's been blending with my own personality. it's giving me a headache, and im worried with EKP. should i try V3? is that safe?
  5. So darlings, as many of you are aware I have had a significant break from this site and from almost anything to do with the My Little Pony world in general. There were a number of reasons, none of which would be of any benefit to mention now. I also imagine that many of you don't know who I am at all because I've done little more than poke my head in on the odd occasion (only to inevitably become inactive again after maybe a day or two of nosing around the place.) It has been a very VERY long time since I did any hypnosis at all, pony or otherwise. This is something that I regret intensely. I've been in quite a dark place over the last year. Many things have happened, few of them good. I do try my best to maintain a positive outlook on life, but sometimes things happen that prevent even the most determined optimists from maintaining that attitude. I am, however, firmly decided on no longer being stuck in this miserable rut that has become my life and mental state. ... This is where my return to this site comes in. I made a number of wonderful friends here, a few of whom I am in contact with away from this site (albeit very sporadically, which I am sorry for) and the time I was regularly active here I did, more often than not, always enjoy the conversations and interactions I had with all of the ponies (and others of course). I am determined to be happy again... and I can't seem to find any reason to stay away from here any longer that isn't comments coming from a dark place inside myself that I thought I'd managed to shut away a long time ago. Funny how some things never truly leave you, but hopefully I can find a way to drown it out again and get back to being my true positive self. I won't be able to start hypnosis again until I move out of my current accommodation. I am also unsure as to whether I want/need to do pony hypnosis... I shall decide on that once I'm settled into wherever it is I will be situated for the summer. This post has turned out to be much more waffle like than I was hoping. I'm not entirely sure what I'm trying to say, but that's not new for me at the moment Long story short, I hope to rekindle the friendships I made before and form new ones too. I look forward to getting to know everypony, dragon etc. again. One thing I must say is that it took me a lot longer to find this journal again! I was expecting it to be in the inactive journal section. Not sure how it's ended up with the Lyra Journals really I'll leave this journal with something I've not done for a long time, a little freehand drawing of me... well Rarity. I can't really say I am her at the moment. Maybe I will reform my connection again one day. But for now it's nice to have any association with her at all. ~ Rarity
  6. This should get interesting. It also seems Rainbow Dash is pretty much in the wonderbolts right now.
  7. Day 3 and 4 Time: 2am AND 9pm the following day. File: Rarity 2.0 Ind-BGM Day 3: Hello and once again here is an unstructured stream of consciousness of how I felt these last two sessions. I apologize in advance for not having these two separate but today was quite a busy day with shopping, chores, and taking some time out of the day to relax and... Well, as the title suggest, drink! We'll start with the 3rd session, in which went by smoothly for the most part. I was quite stubborn to fall asleep so it gave me more time to talk to my tulpa, Riptide. With myself imposed as the divine Goddess we know as Rarity, I was able to see Riptide much more clearly in my mind's eye. Sometimes I can feel her breath or feel her brush against my skin during the sessions, she normally lies down next to me during the sessions, listening in the back as I focus. According to her, she believes this is going to have very positive effects on me in the future due to the ability to be more in touch with my subconscious. She even asked if it was okay to address me as Rarity whenever the trigger activated. Of course I decided to say yes as having such a pristine and beautiful voice in my head (other than my tulpa's) really reinforces the desires I get from hypnosis. With that said, I promptly went to sleep, The last thing I remember before slipping into unconsciousness was holding Riptide. Day 4: Now, I remember majority of the day before the hypnosis session started. The most important aspects that I can reflect on was when I went out shopping, followed by doing some house chores. Nothing special really happened except when I dropped by the liquor store to refresh my stock, I decided to make -snip!-tails instead of my typical rum or whiskey on the rocks. I never quite made -snip!-tails simply because I didn't care for them but it sounded like quite an experience worth trying so I grabbed some triple sec, raspberry sours, and gin and went back home to finish up some chores around the house. I tidied up the room and bit and allowed some leeway with creativity in the future, perhaps some pictures could be hung up and my computer desk could use an upgrade along with the dull color of the walls, I most definitely wish to keep a therapeutic environment in my room as I'm attracted to calming colors such as blues and teals. Given some consideration and insight, atmosphere and creativity seemed to be more noticeable in my daily activities today. I even worked up a sweat with some lawn work, trimming bushes and cutting the grass with new found excitement to see the end product. I normally don't care too much about how the house looks as long as it's on par with the rest of the neighbors (which is decent if I don't say so myself), but I felt like I was responsible for making it even better than the standard I'm used to. I've added some items on my shopping list, including some written ideas on how to redesign the patio for my parents (I won't further bore you with the list, I know This is a lot of random strings of thoughts but it's a journal I keep for myself to track changes of cognition in the end) even though I doubt it'll be done very quickly. I suppose I just had to get it out of my system while it was there. After all the chores and driving around, I did a session in the hot tub and found myself in between a trance and my heart racing as being submerged in water is a great way to psychologically not calm your heart rate when you're trying to remind yourself you won't drown! Perhaps I made some mistakes, if so I would like to hear some tips in the future but all in all the session did what I expected it to do. I felt more in touch with Rarity and finally made those -snip!-tails to share with my parents, which brings me to finally typing this out. To put this very quickly ,the sessions has bled into my life as inspiration and desire to be creative with the environment I'm in and my tulpa is helping reinforce imposition skills by encouraging my openness to suggestion. Regardless of this being some placebo effect, I find it quite pleasant and happy that it's effected me more than I initially thought.
  8. Day 1 Time: ~3AM File: Rarity 2.0 Ind-BGM Before writing this entry, I slept the night before. This is what I remember after waking up the next morning. I don't remember every detail so this entry should be fairly brief and general for how I felt the first night. As the audio file began to play I laid on my back with my arms freely and relaxed along my pillows, letting the music and introduce ease me into the hypnosis. That was when I felt reality peel away slowly, my body didn't have any excuse to move at this point. As the file went on to the stories and imposition I slipped into a partial trance-like state. I was aware of my body but slipped away from the environment, my mind briefly shifted thoughts every now and then but the voice seemed to lure me in, it was constant and soothing as if it was welcoming me into a new world. At this point, it's fairly hard for me to explain as it is completely subjective to how each individual feels but for me it felt like my mind's eye was trying visualizing everything at first before a wave of new sensations and feelings, I even felt tingles from "the third eye" before the voice went on about imposing a unicorn's horn. Soon after that I felt the tingles along my arms and legs, my fingers felt like they moved on their own and formed hooves despite knowing in the back of my head that they didn't move at all.This happened with my legs, my thighs felt like they were curled lightly as if a pony was laying down on her back, hind hooves floating just a few inches above the bed sheets. I was surprised at first and nearly lost my focus from sheer excitement. "I've really forgotten how delightful the sessions were in the past," I thought to myself. When I spoke in my mind, it instinctively came out in Rarity's voice. I presume it was a placebo effect but it carried on to the morning when I woke up without having to speak the trigger phrase. My tulpa, Riptide, thinks I'm sensitive to suggestions but I am rather gullible in the first place so that may explain why I'm so open to such things. What's really exciting for me is that I felt tingles from the imposed muzzle which felt like it was floating above my physical nose, at that point the session concluded and I was left in new found silence. I took off my headphones and took a moment to enjoy the serenity of the silence as if I never had the time to appreciate it in times like these before. I soon went to sleep and had nostalgic dreams of my hometown and childhood friends. I'm not quite sure what that has to do with the hypnosis but regardless of coincidence it was quite pleasant to be reminded of my youth and innocence as a child. All in all, for a trip back in hypnosis this has been a very successful first day session. I see myself achieving a lot of progress and ability to change myself into a better being like an artist and a block of marble.
  9. Day 2 Time: ~3:30AM File: Rarity 2.0 Ind-BGM Tonight I was restless and the sleeping aid failed to stop my jittery mind, however I managed to reach a trance-like state once again. It would have been much more enriching if it weren't for some physical sensations throughout my arm and legs that were increasingly becoming more apparent then fading away throughout the whole session. However, I was able to keep my concentration throughout the whole file despite the inconvenience. As the file ended I slowly opened my eyes and moved my limbs, I noticed whenever I touched something with my imposed hooves it would play out in my mind's eye as actual hooves. Because of staying up late, the room was nearly pitch black so at a quick glance at my shoulders or arms would -almost- resembled white fur. Even my hands looked like fists or hooves despite not clenching them whatsoever. The strong tingles on my forehead where the horn protruded from was also very pleasant as it made me feel more at peace and even motivated to keep it up. I simply adored the moment I had to myself as the session ended, stretching and curled up among my pillows and bed covers as I embraced my bed and questioned the quality of it. I even had to thank my past-self out of the blue for even buying such a bed set when I didn't have much money left during the time. Smart choice me! The older hand-me-down sheets and pillows weren't nearly as comfortable as this. Now normally I don't care about such things but the session has given me appreciation for textile and design, I was already into art beforehand but there's something to be said about having your room represent what kind of person you are along with how you dress in public and how you handle matters, it's about being proper and doing the appropriate thing that comes to heart. I didn't want to move nor go to sleep quite then so I decided to ride it out by talking to my tulpa, whom even teasingly addressed me as Rarity. Needless to say, it made me quite giddy having another person to talk to in secret about my practices as my family or friends would find it quite strange if they knew about it. One would say that these sessions have influenced some inspiration for redecorating my room, give extra consideration about what I wear before I go out, and take even better care of myself. In fact, I believe I'll take a bath tomorrow and allow myself a session there. Now finishing this entry, I'm summing up tonight's experience as a step down from my first night but it's influence is quite present. I can see myself much more involved with these urges and desires throughout my daily activities in the future.
  10. I have been using the Rarity 2.0 files for about 2 weeks now, and for the most part, it's been going well; however, I recently had a very surprising experience. I was walking home from my college, admiring the sunset, when I ran into a small branch from a nearby tree. I immediately brushed my hair back into position (a habit I've developed from the files), when I noticed a small voice saying, "you should really watch where your going." I immediately looked around, and after seeing no one, continued to walk home. about 15 seconds later, I noticed again. "Are you ignoring me?" I look around again, thinking, "what the hell?" The voice pipes up again. "You should really watch your language, dear." And that's how it all started. Since then, I've spent a couple hours talking with the being (spirit? thoughtform? demon?), and have noticed that, although it shares a lot of similarities with Rarity, it also has a lot of distinct differences, such as being less concerned with being proper and more concerned with understanding itself and the world. It seems to be female, but I don't know it's name. I can say that the name Elaine has come the closest, but doesn't seem to be the name she wants/has. She seems to take the form of a sort of cloudy lavender haze, sort of morphing and changing while retaining a general shape, but, once again, I'm not certain. And now I can finally ask the big question, or rather, questions: have I accidentally/inadvertently created a tulpa? If not, what is it? On the other hand, if it is, what do I do next? Any information will be helpful, no matter how small. Thank you in advance.
  11. Its the decision on how you approach conflict. Twi tries solutions, its why she is the leader. Applejack thinks true things to clear up the conflict internally then works her way to clearing it around her after. Fluttershy helps. Pinkie fights it via producing happiness. Dash fights it by trying to make herself immune to it by buffing up her ego. Rarity solves it via positive self image. Just thought I would share. So it is possible to utilize multiple of these traits I think, on a side note.
  12. Blend some oatmeal and cucumber. Put it in a bath. Soak. Yeah that simple lol You might be able to put some on your face as a mask too instead of all into the water. Or like, just cucumber if you prefer lol.