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Found 52 results

  1. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/09/preview-for-pony-point-of-view-arrives.html Looks like there is somekind of fight?
  2. I bet she has been sneaking out with her friends instead.
  3. Thats a interesting premise. I wonder who will be involved in it. Trixie is a given, but the rest is a complete mystery. And who is the greatest and oldest foe? The windigos would be a obvious choice as they are part of the birth of the nation. But it also could be something completely new. I hope the latter.
  4. Flim and Flam in Las pegasus. Scammers in the city of gambling. This will be interesting. Hmm, Seeing Las Vegas history, Does this mean Equestria has the atomic bomb, the mob and the rat pack?
  5. Well, Rainbow Dash. I think Rarity would be rather useless on the ground. Sounds like this is going to be more heavy on the lessions than the gags again. Perhaps they all took it out of their system in the first half?
  6. Looks like we are going to get another sports episode. I wonder if it will be a football or a handball type of sport. With hooves it can go both ways.
  7. Sounds like a cool one. Pity Shining Armor cant join.
  8. Something tells me we wont be seeing any changelings at all in this episode. Unless its in a totally irrelevant glimps at the end.
  9. Must be one epic prank war. If it deserves a horror pun title.
  10. New episode discription released. Sounds like a interesting concept. Cutiemark crusaders meet someone which never will get her mark.
  11. With the next half of the season approaching rapidly. The new spoilers are rolling out again. Here is the first one. Looks like a fun one.
  12. With season six 1/2 starting in just a couple of yours. I was wondering which of the episodes you are most excited about and why? Note. This is mostly based on leaks speculation and rumours. Episodes listed here may or may not actually exist or run this season.
  13. The first trailer of the movie got released. Finally some info we couldn't guess from the title alone. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/07/trailer-for-legend-of-everfree-from.html
  14. The first real news about the movie is finally in. Looks like we are in for a amazing adventure involving Sea ponies. I also love the style they are going for. No Flash animation but actual painted pictures. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/05/possible-my-little-pony-movie-slides.html
  15. Seems like we got a new episode with a lot of character dynamic. And Rarity and Pinkie Pie always make for good chemistry.
  16. Not much is known for this episode, except for its title. Which appeared in a list of episodes present on a newly to be released DVD. As the DVD itself is family themed. This is probably the much rumoured Fluttershy brother episode from last season. http://www.equestriadaily.com/2016/02/new-shout-factory-dvd-with-season-6.html Here is my guess for the synopsis.
  17. And we have a applejack episode coming in. Not much else known about this one. Day is is quoted though. So perhaps she takes off a longer time than planned and turns lazy?
  18. . Almost? Still, that was nearly 2 years ago (Or 6 years depending on how you count). How is it still a secret?
  19. Not much is known about this one, except its going to air on april 30. Which would mean either an error has been made in the episode number or date. Or we get our first mini hiatus.
  20. Another new episode title mentioned on a upcoming DVD cover. Otherwise nothing is known about it for now.
  21. The return of he who shall not be named?
  22. Season 6 Episode 3 - The Gift of Maud Pie What happens when Maud Pie sells her things so she can give her wacky sister, Pinkie Pie, a gift? And what happens when Pinkie Pie does the same thing for Maud ? Like last season's 'The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows', this one is going to be more about the gags used to fill time vs the actual plot itself. Which if it is what it is currently slated as, everyone has already watched this story beat for beat in some way before. Maud will sell everything that would go with the gift Pinkie buys and vice versa, they will be distraught for a moment, but get over it because they know the other was willing to give up what they love for them to be happy as well. Skip to Star Shard's post for updated synopsis. The above is for the storybook of the same name.
  23. And it begins. Season 6 Episode 2 - The Crystalling Part 2 The Mane Six scramble to save the Crystal Empire from an eternal winter; Starlight struggles after the failed reunion with her old friend. Its worth noting here that these did not come from the usual source so there is some scepticism around it. I dont recall Hasbro ever using the term Mane six. And it sounds a bit too much to the later proven to be fake leaked footage.