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Forum Update Log

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Greetings ponies of Hypnoponies. The forums have just been updated to remove clutter and make it a bit more organized. Any and all changes are listed below. This way you won't need to wonder about what has and hasn't been changed. Those changes are:

  • "THE FORUM IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION" forum has been removed.

  • "Welcoming Lounge" forum added.

  • "Welcome Everypony!", "General Q&A Area", and "Admins and Harmony Link" subforums moved into the "Welcoming Lounge" forum.

  • "General Discussion Area" subforum and all threads from there have been merged into the "General Discussion / Off-topic" subforum.

  • "Games Ponies Play" subforum has been moved into the "Off-topic" forum.

  • "Lyra" and "Bon Bon" subforums merged into one.

  • "Vinyl Scratch" and "Octavia" subforums merged into one.

  • Journals that have been inactive since 2013 have been moved into the inactive section in an attempt to clear up clutter. Please note that any journal moved there can be moved back. So just PM an administrator if you'd like to pull out your old journal.

Also, we will be moving the forums to a new host over the next few days. Don't worry though, as nothing will be lost during this move. After this move has been made, both the "Gallery" and "Blogs" sections of the forums, among other unused portions of the forums, will be unable to be accessed by users. This is due to it costing too much to have these features added at this time. They will be added back at a later date when they can be afforded, but we're not certain when that may be. So this is a heads-up to anypony that may want access to the stuff from those sections, as you won't be able to after the move. If there's anything from there you want, please save it now.


If there are any other updates or changes, we will be sure to let you all know.

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Alright, just a quick update post. Queen Chrysalis was kind enough to pay for a nice updated theme and add it to the forums. So now that theme will be the default one. One of the features of this theme is that you can change the background. Just look up on the top row of icons and find the paintbrush. You can also change the theme back to the old one. Just scroll down to the bottom of the forums, find "Change Theme", and set it to "Modern".


Another change is that we've switched the forums back to HTTP from HTTPS. We've done so as it was creating a lot of problems for the forums. The main one being the messed up chat. So now nopony should have a problem with the chat. You can go back to the HTTPS version of the forums, however. You just need to download a plug-in for your browser called "HTTPS Everywhere". After that find the icon for it on your browser, click on "Add This Site", and then "Add New Rule". Please note that doing so will bring back all the problems that came with it.

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I figured it might be a good idea to make this thread into a bit of an update log, that way you ponies can be informed about updates and changes to the forums.


We've seen a lot of art threads lately, so we've gone ahead and added an art section for all you ponies who love to art. You can find it under the "Off-Topic" category. You can also find it at the link below:



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Alright ponies~


For those who mainly use the Twilight 2.0 files, we've updated them slightly.


-There's now an Induction-BGM file

-The loop file now has no awakener at the end

-Both versions have the dog edited out of the background


Check out the Twilight file list to get the new updated versions!


Thanks to Star Shard for having these files available!

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Alright everypony, as part of an effort to clean up the forums, we've recounted the following statistics:


  • Total number of Topics and Posts

  • Total number of Members

  • User Post Count

  • User Reputation


This will mean that your current post count will likely have decreased (especially if you've been using the Games Ponies Play thread as those posts are no longer counted). The post count you currently see right now should now accurately display the number of posts you've made to the forums.


Auto-merge has also been enabled. All posts made by the same user after 60 minutes in a thread will be automatically merged together.

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There was also a bit of clean up in terms of sub-forums, sections and journals. A bunch of unused sections like the "Audiobro" and "Disclaimer" sections were removed. The actual disclaimer can now be found in the "Royal Decrees" section.

The "Harmony Link" and "Hive" sections have been removed. All the changeling journals have been moved to a new "Changeling" section under "The Support of Equestria". All the HL journals have been move to appropriate sections. Just to note, this doesn't mean either group is disbanded. Both groups are still going strong, but this change has been a long time coming. It was unfair for those groups to get their own sections and for their journals to be above everybody else's journals.


There will also be more updates to come. One thing is the "Ponyville Plaza" section. We're still working on what to do with that, but your votes in the thread about it helped. Once we figure things out, we'll let you all know.

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We've made quite a few more updates to the forum. For those who didn't see in a recent thread, the emotions for the forum have been changed to a My Little Pony themed set. We've also finished reorganizing the "Ponyville Plaza" section. The following changes have been made to the forum structure:

  • The "Admins and Harmony Link" section has been removed.

  • The "The Gathering of the 6 Elements" and "The Civilians of Equestria" sections as well as all subforums from there have been removed.

  • "Community Discussion", "Hobbies" and "My Little Pony" sections as well as a bunch of subforums in those sections have been added to "Ponyville Plaza".

  • The "Videos Games" and "Art & Design" subforums have been moved to the "Hobbies" section.

Don't worry about the threads in the removed sections, they've been moved around to more appropriate sections throughout the forum. We're still working on cleaning up a bit with the threads, but things should be done soon. Most of this was done in an attempt to make the forum organized and give life to a lifeless section of the forum.

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Alrighty, I just finished moving the threads around from the General Off Topic thread. Seems like a lot of ponies had a tendency to post just about everything in there :P

But yeah, thanks to Soarin and Star Shard and the rest of the staff for making all this possible. We hope this gives a fresh new perspective on the forums.

Also, if you see any posts old or new that you feel landed in the wrong section, be sure to let myself, Star Shard, or any of the staff know and we will move it accordingly.

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Alright, it's around the middle of the year now, so it's time for a bit of annual clean up. Any journal that hasn't been used since 2014 has been moved to the inactive section. This is done so that active journals don't get buried under a bunch of inactive ones. If your journal was moved to the inactive section, but you want to use it again, then feel free to PM an administrator. We'd be more than happy to pull it back out for you. :)

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I myself have decided to do a bit of late spring cleaning, specifically with the forum accounts.

If you have not changed your E-mail since the forum has first moved, you have been placed into a group aptly named "Change Your Email, Please." I strongly suggest anyone in this group change their E-mail as soon as possible so I don't do any further "spring cleaning" on your account. (Although I might just dig into the old forums and add your E-mail that way, as there are currently only around 15 users that fit into this category.) Read the edit. ^_^ Additionally, if you have not changed your E-mail since the forum has first moved and you haven't logged on in over a year, your account has been deleted, as it has been assumed you have lost interest in the forums.


There will be further action taken against inactive accounts, which will be decided soon. It will not come without E-mailed warnings. (Only reason I immediately jumped to deleting the ones mentioned earlier is due to the fact that there is no realistic way for me to search through every single user's account, find their E-mail through the old forums, and notify them.)


EDIT: I decided to just dig into the old forum, pull out the E-mails, and update anyone who still had the randomized numeric E-mails. If you signed up for a new account with the same E-mail you did on the old forums, I have merged your accounts. Additionally, due to the way I organized this little cleanup, if you fell into this category your main group has been reset. Sorry about that ^_^"

Any further updates to the account cleanup will be made in a new post.

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As a special thank you to all those who donate to the forum, we are adding something special for you. If you donate a minimum of at least $1 USD, then you are eligible to get the following:

  • Special Banner - Your banner will be changed to a special donator only banner. It can be seen here: Link
  • Green Name - Your username at the bottom of the forum in the userlist will show up as green. It's like how the administrators show up as red and the moderators show up as blue, just green~!
  • Unlimited Name Changes - Users right now can only change their username up to 3 times in a 30 day period. Donators will be able to change their name as many times as they wish in any amount of time, thus having no limit.

Please note that you will not get these things the second you donate. You will have to post in the banner thread here requesting it. This is so we can verify the requirements for your donator status. You will also lose whatever banner you currently have. We might be able to work a double banner system into the forum at a later date, but this is how it'll work for now. This system is also open to those who have donated in the past. So if you have donated in the past, let us know~! We'll be glad to go back and look it up for you. :)

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