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Found a new script, Need someone to record it now...

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I can tell you that it will be hard to get that one recorded. A Discord file has been discussed several times and there has been a general agreement that a Discord file would be too unsafe to do. Mainly because of the chaotic nature of Discord could make some unexpected changes or alterations. Another argument has been that we don't really know where Discord stands, not sure if the season 4 finale has changed that perspective.


Another view on the matter could be that this community mainly focuses on self improvement and self discovery instead of using hypnosis for recreational purposes.

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It is a interesting script. Through I think it still needs work to be better. Both out of some safety concerns. And missed opportunities.


- The inducer is a bit short. It would be helped if it were swapped with a longer one to help deepen the trance.

- The characterisation of Discord leans a bit too much on chaos. While chaos is not really defined in the script.

Our minds cant grasp the concept of chaos. So its a useless term in that aspect.

Personally i would rewrite his character as thinking out of the box. Creative and spontaneous. With an eye for consequences as learned by Fluttershy.

- The deduction part is also oddly written. It comes before the triggers and is pretty vague. A more definitive deduction at the end would be strongly advisable.

- It does need some safeguards against abnormal behavoir.


Another issue is that this is a file from a member here. Which means there may be some issues in working with and posting their material.


As for whether such a file should be written. The community is divided on it. A file of his nature could offer great potential for the creative and philosophical minded members. Chaos itself is after all not more or less evil than Harmony is. But qua character, he is still in a bit of flux. While its obvious he is no longer evil, he still seems stuck in a redemption role.


Personally I have no problems with a Discord file. Through would prefer to (co)write it myself. 

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I wish I could record it.  I too would absolutely love a Discord file, but I'm still having technical difficulties with (lack of) microphone and recording stuff.

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I can record it if some-pony straightens it out. My microphone is low definition, but i have a audio editing program that can help, straighten it out, give me a week and I can do it. (PM me)

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While it is always nice to have new files, I think a Discord file is really questionable. Most of the big issues have already been said here, so I won't repeat them. For a file with him, we'd really have to be careful, but that's if we were to make an official one. I think if we were to, it'd have to be a general transformation one. Giving somepony traits of chaos probably isn't a good idea.

If somepony has an idea for a file, then I highly recommend talking to either Star Shard or R.Dash about it. Going around and looking for scripts elsewhere is dangerous. All it takes is a few wrong words to screw a ponies' mind up. That's a big reason we don't recommend anypony voice a random script they found. It's also why we wouldn't officially support any file made like that. I'm sorry if I'm bumming anypony out by shooting this idea down, but it's always better to be safe than sorry, especially when playing around with ponies' minds.

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Gimme a day or so, I'll do it.

I would recommend that you don't. I've already posted my thoughts here, so I won't go into too much detail again. It may be cool to have a Discord file, but not if it means risking safety. We've gone over the script posted, it has some issues. Maybe Star Shard and R.Dash can go over the script at some point and fix it up. Until then though, it's best to stay away from it, for your own safety.

This thread has run it's course, so it will be locked now. This doesn't mean a Discord file will never see the light of day though. If you really are interested in it being made, then I'd suggest shooting a PM to either Star Shard and R.Dash about it. Anyway, locked~

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