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I want help: Weird thing happened: Totally my fault

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Um basically this happened, I'm rather tired so imma copy pasta it since thats easier



<Tutti_Frutti> hi

<Tutti_Frutti> i guess you are prolly still playing beta but something weird happened

<Damarus[Dusk]> ?

<Tutti_Frutti> like i um, have strong nonvisual attention now, and I remember briefly waking up and thinking with dream logic subconsciously or something, and looking out the window, and around my floor

<Tutti_Frutti> just in case some sort of something was going to come out

<Tutti_Frutti> and at one point I thought I knew I saw it, thus kept looking just in case

<Tutti_Frutti> and was doing some weird dream logic counting

<Tutti_Frutti> about seeing it

<Tutti_Frutti> or something

<Tutti_Frutti> where i had an image of 8-bit coins stacked almost like megaman's health in a megaman game but yellower and reminding me of bananas at one level

<Tutti_Frutti> and the images are sorta hazy like my brain only stored a fraction of the information to recall

<Tutti_Frutti> and i totally was on two hooves now that i think about it

<Tutti_Frutti> like behaviorally

<Tutti_Frutti> then i went straight to sleep into a weird -snip&#33;- dream/nightmare deal

<Tutti_Frutti> then woke up

<Tutti_Frutti> feeling like i was inhaling into the mattress til i sleep apnea'd awake or something but i have no damn idea

<Tutti_Frutti> lol

<Tutti_Frutti> wtf 

<Tutti_Frutti> then i got paranoid like 5 10 minutes trying to come online til i calmed down

<Tutti_Frutti> totally doesnt help that i forgot my bluelight, but i notice when i went to the bathroom i was constantly doing affirmations

<Tutti_Frutti> and time seems slower passing

<Tutti_Frutti> and i was not moving my eyes during that time

<Tutti_Frutti> like a REM sleep thing

<Tutti_Frutti> i slapped myself on the cheeks to wake up more fully

So I'm not sure what kind of help I need, mostly reassurance, opinions, and ideas. I'm too tired to think thoroughly right now. I want to be in control of my mind though, so it bothers me there may have been some moments where I wasn't all there, and Idk but I may have sleep walked as well. But I'm also being rather biased right now.


I'm tired, I would prefer help now but in chat no one really had anything to say, understandably lol.


What I did was I basically tried to wonder just before bed which ponies I would want to be, and tried staying awake to do it but I was too much in a sleeping posture to actually stay awake. Also afterwards when I went to get some water my mind was running a mile a minute and it was all thoughts similar to affirmations but not obvious, so I started to rephrase them all in my mind in a more relaxing way to chill out. 


I know its totally my fault though, but idk I know a part of me wanted changes before I went to bed as it was being discussed in chat. But what the heck.

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Rest of the night went fine XD

Just was pretty weird heh.


Just off-put with no one giving suggestions here or chat but maybe I should give it more time but I might be over it now.

Now that I slept I should wonder, what the heck actually happened. 


Before the event I was thinking of fanfic mares I wanted traits from and I don't even know I was almost half asleep already trying to stay awake. But I only got to think of one mare before falling asleep anyways, lil-pip I think.


I was staring out the window and looking around my room. The memory is short but I have a feeling it could've lasted 2 minutes not 16 seconds like it seems. Afterwards for like 4 minutes I wasn't moving my eyes they were gazing forward.



Oh I remember now when I was thinking of mares I got into a simulation or emulation of what I would do as a kid to go straight into dreaming. I saw literally what was on my conscious mine lifting up and I saw swirling sparkly light in the darkness beneath lift up. It'd explain why I wasn't moving my eyes, I know understand my childhood technique was to take advantage of REM by refusing to get my eyes moving during REM sleep. Which is weird that REM can be REM-less lol. They might want to redefine it slightly.


The dream I had after um, being weird as I was probably like 4/5ths asleep, involved... I think a mech suit made out of black radroach chitin? And I was bumbling around trying to escape from enemies or something, but before that there was no action going on.


Idk this was rather weird and nothing like it has happened to me before for hypnosis so I kinda worried a bit. And when I say that sleep apnea thing its prolly just me being paranoid, because I woke up with my head in a weird posture, that and my fam sometimes gets sleep apnea so I guess I worry about it on and off when I wake up from nightmares as it usually occurs then.


I'm not sure if I want to do it again, part of me is happy, but the rest of me is confused and weary.


And what the heck was I expecting to jump out-frikken dream logic. Reminds me of some stuff from when I was a kid tbh, only if I were half asleep and thought I was dreaming too.


This event did lead me into being a bit paranoid after, but its nothing like how paranoid I could have been (duration wise) So I'm kinda happy I'm sane right now.


But what the hay. Like I think I was expecting yellow bannana flavored bricks to jump out which were also radroaches and also raiders and also friends, I have no idea but I was reading Fallout Equestria lately, so yeah lol.


I think looking at the megaman yellow hp bar thing like from the old games (only more yellow and associated with banana flavoring) was me actually looking at my pipbuck to see friendlies on the radar and i was waiting for them to jump out hence associating yellow with whatever was supposed to jump out. But I think they were radroaches flurrying under my bed or something. XD And I remember saying/thinking oo~! I almost saw one! Then looking around for it to appear on the sides of my bed and staring at the lamp post outside my window hoping with the power of association I could draw it forth (totally dream logic).

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