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Hi everypony :)


Figured I ought to introduce myself - I've been around the fandom for a good few years now, but for the past few days I've been thinking about starting to get into the hypnopony side of things.


Why? Well, a few reasons really: I love ponies, new experiences and the whole concept sounds pretty awesome.


You might notice that my avatar's Rainbow Dash... well yes, she is the coolest, most awesome pony out there and my absolute favourite B) , however for the moment I'm gonna be concentrating on Twilight - personality-wise, we've got loads in common, while Rainbow is almost the polar opposite of me IRL :muffins:


Anywho, about me? Well I like computer programming, piano, and a bit of mountain biking when it's not raining over here :okiedokieloki: . I might even get back into drawing too as some point. If anyone wants to chat or anything, I'm looking to be around IRC a bit, or just Skype me :yay:


And wow I really love these emotes  :wub:  Anyway, looking forward to talking to you all at some point  :P

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Hello there!  Somewhat new myself, only joined... huh, a week ago.  Time flies I guess.  derpyderp2.png

Happen to also be exploring Twilight Sparkle myself. 


So yeah, welcome to the group.  twilightsmile.png

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Hello and welcome. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also, you seem to have very similar interests to me.

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