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Am I the only one that would want an MLP EG/LPS crossover?

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With LPS ending in a month or 2 (or however long) It makes me wonder if a crossover would happen with this show and Equestria Girls. Maybe Sunset Shimmer and Twilight (from that world) could build a device to understand the pets. The villains could be someone from the EG series (like maybe an EG Discord or the sirens) teaming up with the Biskit twins (if they don't turn nice in the series finale) and they could get some powerful magic or whatever and the mane 7, Blyth, and the pets would have to stop them somehow. Am I the only one who would find this interesting?

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It would be quite interesting if both end up being the same universe. I cant say I ever watched LPS. So I wouldnt know what storylines that would result in.

I hope it avoids Winxs though.

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