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Guest Kitsunehayai

So, spells...

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So I was just derping around one day and I suddenly started thinking, "What if there are spells that, while work like magic in some places, have different effects in others?"

This came up in a following Skype chat with my friend:

" Also, I may have figured out the key to a time spell. My theory is that it exists in all worlds, but has different effects from each other. For example, if and when we find Equestria during hypno (and, with perseverance, we will) and use the time spell, it will slow/stop time in (our) Equestria. However, when used on Earth, it gives the appearance of time being slower and allows you to do things faster and in a timely fashion, as well as having a secondary effect of cooldown (for when you stress out or become too angry and "get hot"). Also, finally I watched the last two episodes of mlp season 3 and it activated the time spell (in Earth).

Just a theory! I also forgot to mention that the spell seems to be activated by a certain nostalgia (the good kind, where you remember the good things that happened before all the bad things started).

Such as old favorite shows!

I also think that we know a cooldown spell and a power-up spell (think of Rarity's generosity here) that abides by the same limitations and doctrines that the time spell does.

At least, this is how MY magic works, that is.

" I may also know a performance booster spell and a "hypersense" spell that activates automatically under certain circumstances!

Huh! I already knew spells before I've even started Twi hypno, much less seen Equestria; I just didn't know I knew them!

I need to write all of this down in one of my jounals in the morning!

I might also keep a "cutie mark record" (gifts, such as an eye for detail), write a "spell book" (for spells like that which is listed above), and I might record learned lessons."

...I have these random moments sometimes 1179911372.png (thank you, highly vivid imagination!)

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Brilliant theory and excellent experimentation and noting of your results!

Definitely, I'd strongly suggest keeping a journal, and a record of the spells you've worked -- keeping track of your mental/emotional state as well as your physical location, technique and results -- in addition to of course the spell itself! (In Dianic Wicca, we call it a "Book of Shadows.")

(And remember to leaf through it when you need a reminder that what you have experienced is real -- we all go through our times of doubt. 641293646.png )

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